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Medinex Health is a medical practice specialising in Insurance Medical Assessments, Company Health Checks and Executive Medical Assessments for corporates and individuals,  based at the Mercy Specialist Centre in Mountain Rd, Epsom.

Our aim is to provide thorough, comprehensive medical assessments for our clients, in a comfortable, stress-free environment.  We are able to provide all the elements of your medical including blood tests, medical assessment and resting or exercise (treadmill) ECG tracings, so you can get everything done in one appointment.

Many corporates use our services to provide a comprehensive medical check for senior executive staff on a yearly basis to improve health and wellbeing, improve retention and decrease lost time due to illness.

Three hours is allowed for the medical, which is plenty of time to discuss health concerns, exercise, stress management and nutrition. An appropriate panel of blood tests will have been completed prior to the appointment to allow discussion of results. After a full systems examination an exercise ECG is used as a screening test for coronary artery disease, and the session is rounded off with a discussion of health goals and a report generated for the benefit of the client, with a copy usually going to the usual GP for follow up and to add to your usual medical file.

We are located at the Mercy Specialist Centre in Mountain Rd, Epsom.  We are close to the motorway and city and there is ample parking available on-site. Parking is paid but as a service to our clients we will cover the cost, so don’t use the parking machines and please advise your plate number when you come. in or by prior email.

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Our aim is to provide thorough, comprehensive medical assessments for our clients, in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

Insurance Medicals

When applying for certain kinds of insurance, factors such as your age, medical problems and level of cover may trigger the requirement for an insurance medical. We are familiar with the different levels of insurance medical and able to provide services at each level.

Code A or B medicals are usually done by your regular G.P. We can certainly provide this level of medical if you do not have any particular G.P. in the community (though we encourage all clients to develop a relationship with a G.P for ongoing care).

Code C medicals generally involve a fasting blood test (taken by the doctor when you arrive, unless you have an afternoon appointment, when the blood test may be organised separately). Fasting is seldom required but if so we can offer you a cup of tea or a flat white to keep you going after the sample is taken. 

Your medical history will be discussed, then there is a medical examination, following which you will have a resting ECG (heart tracing). A urine specimen is usually required before you leave. Copies of blood results go to your nominated G.P. unless you request otherwise, and we phone all clients with their results whether favourable or otherwise.

Code D medicals follow the same format, but include a more revealing test of possible early arterial narrowing around the heart by including an exercise ECG test. This is the standard Bruce protocol stress test, performed by the doctor on our treadmill with continuous ECG monitoring. Full resuscitation equipment including oxygen and a defibrillator are ready for any unexpected cardiac problems which may occur, though this is extremely unlikely in this setting. Some clients are also required to have a chest xray as part of their code D medical, and this can be done here at Mercy Hospital before you leave.

Executive Medicals

Many corporates choose to invite their key executives to come for a confidential, comprehensive health assessment on a 1-2 yearly basis (depending on age group and personal preference) at Medinex. We have been doing these medicals for over ten years now and find clients really enjoy the chance to sit down with a doctor for a detailed discussion of medical problems, exercise, stress and nutrition as well as anything else of concern in their lives. We talk about screening and which tests for the early detection of cancer are appropriate depending on age, sex, family history and any other personal risk factors. The examination which follow is comprehensive. Blood results from tests arranged prior to your appointment are discussed in detail. 

There is never any rush as we allow plenty of time to cover anything you want to talk about. 

An exercise ECG test rounds out the medical and then an analysis of risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes based on your parameters. 

A detailed report is mailed out to you and a copy to your G.P. is usual to allow ongoing follow up in the community of any issues identified. No information is sent back to your employer other than statistics about health issues if this is requested, without identification of individuals.

We also do executive medicals for private clients who want a full medical checkup to identify any developing health issues or get another perspective on existing problems. We welcome enquiries from anyone who wants a thorough checkup, particularly men and women over the age of 40. Please call or email Simone in the office for prices and an information pack.

Dr Phil McArthur

Dr Phil McArthur is Auckland trained, and a fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. This means undergoing extra specialist postgraduate training in general practice, satisfying the stringent requirements of the College for entry and then undergoing ongoing peer review, quality assurance and continuing medical education to keep up to date. He has been involved in insurance medical assessment and corporate health since 2001, and has longstanding relationships with many of our corporate clients. He spends half his time at Medinex and the other half working at a busy general practice in Onehunga, where some clients choose to have follow up in the general practice setting.

Simone Dowd

Simone is our practice manager, and will coordinate your appointment for your insurance or executive medical. She will send you all the details required for your appointment, confirm with you in advance and is available to answer any questions you may have.

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Alternatively, enter via Gate 1 down to parking adjacent to Almorah Rd, and enter via entrance “B”

Please advise your vehicle registration (number plate) to the office before your visit to secure free parking, and do not use the parking machines on site.

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